Mobile Artificial Islands

Wednesday April 6th, 2016




An example of an artificial island project



One fact seems to be real, nowadays, and is becoming more prevalent each year: in many developed countries, the price of the surface of building land diminishes, provoking an inflation of the price of the lots, and provoking many ecological and economic problems.

Within the building industry, the stress felt by many entrepreneurs has increased, because the urban infrastructure has become dense, and it’s hard to find building lands sold at reasonable prices, compared to what happened, a few dozen years…

At the same time, ecological organizations are more and more vehement and sensitive about this subject. It’s because of the destruction of forests and complete ecosystems, like swamps, to satisfy the appetite of entrepreneurs. They don’t want to see our natural environment becoming replaced by more and more concrete.


A solution: take land away from the sea

It’s not a completely new solution, the Nederlands having adopted it centuries ago; they extended the surface of their country by building more and more artificial surfaces along the sea, and then on it.

Some countries, notably Japan, who also has a big problem to find new surfaces for its inhabitants (the price of real estate being huge, there), have been tempted by an interesting development of this solution: floating artificial islands.

Mobile, these islands could stay connected to a continent, acting as peninsulas, or they could slowly navigate the oceans and seas, able to stay indefinitely in the international waters.

These islands, with entire cities covering their surface, could use natural energies provided by the sun and, especially, the wind (which is abundant at sea). Not only for their energy requirements of mechanical propulsion, but also for operational requirements as technological pieces of modern civilization (for lighting, heat, air conditioning …).

Also, these islands could catch from the waters the resources necessary to satisfy their needs for food. Enclosed ecosystems and agricultural buildings (like some projects at Las Vegas) could use the in situ taken resources with great efficiency.


A coming new eBook related to this Subject:



Such a fascinating aquatic city is the background scene for the Novella ‘DEEP THOUGHTS’.

People not only work aboard these huge floating artifacts, they also like to watch shows, and in this story, they admire Bob, the star of a kind of Marineland which is part of the city. Bob isn’t human, he’s a killer whale internationally known.

A couple of trainers, who are also Scientists, produce great shows with the help of Bob. Everything is fine until the cetacean begins to behave strangely.

The female partner in the couple will be intrigued by Bob’s reaction, and progressively, will get close to him. In this way she will discover that her life isn’t as perfect as she thought. She will also unveil a terrible secret which will turn her existence upside down, unleashing on her a sure death.

This Science Fiction Novella, which was originally written in French, is being translated to English, and will be published in the coming months, on Kindle for Amazon.




(California being an example:

(the bad effects of urbanization at Shanghai are an example:



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