Upcoming eBook: Hungry – Origins of Red



I announce here that, in a few weeks, the Sci Fi Zombie Story ‘Hungry’ will be published.

Its eBook cover I’ve recently received from my usual infographics artist needs some adjustments I’ve asked for, but at last I’m happy to present it to my readers by advance.

Hungry – Origins of Red is the Prequel of the Hungry Series Novellas I’ve been preparing these last months. The first eBook of the Series is being also written and prepared.


A little girl and her parents are trying to escape zombies at the beginning of this story, while trying to reach the Community. It’s seems to be an utopia in this world which has become a nightmare, the utopia of a shelter , a haven for its population of human survivors, where they can at last hope to live somewhat normally.

Saved by members of the Community, but sole survivor of her family, this red haired girl very hungry, will feel a real thirst for vengeance.

She will become the student of an old Japanese Master, and with his help, she will become a great sword practicionner. She will be a great help for the Community, which must fight against more and more living dead which roam around it.

A new matter brought to the Community by an ex NASA Scientist will help them to mix a millenial martial art with a futuristic technology, giving hope to this last realm of Humanity.









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One comment on “Upcoming eBook: Hungry – Origins of Red
  1. BENDER dit :

    If I can say, we have « hungry » to discover this new Sci Fi story of L.H.TIde !!


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