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Upcoming eBook: Changing Minds

  Announcement A new short Science Fiction Story will be published during the next weeks, Changing Minds. I’ll inform in one of the next Newsletters my readers about the presentation of the cover of this eBook on this Blog, via

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Upcoming eBook: Hungry – Origins of Red

Announcement I announce here that, in a few weeks, the Sci Fi Zombie Story ‘Hungry’ will be published. Its eBook cover I’ve recently received from my usual infographics artist needs some adjustments I’ve asked for, but at last I’m happy

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Mobile Artificial Islands

Wednesday April 6th, 2016 MOBILE ARTIFICIAL ISLANDS HOMELANDS OF THE FUTURE   An example of an artificial island project (link: Statement: One fact seems to be real, nowadays, and is becoming more prevalent each year: in many developed countries,

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eBooks in English In this SHORT SCIENCE FICTION STORY, a trio of miners hoped to become rich when they entered the Asteroid Belt, attracted by the riches promised by ores supposed to be found in it. Instead they find nothing

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  Lawrence Herbert Tide Science Fiction, Horror and more Time travel to the time of the dinosaurs, asteroid miners making surprising encounters, Horror-Sci Fi mix with an astonishing little heroin are part of a strange personal universe… Having a double

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The Asteroid Belt: Resources and Riches beyond our Greatest Dreams

The Asteroid Belt is what remains of our Solar System’s beginnings, about 5 billion years ago. All astronomers are fascinated by these rocks, which have dimensions between minuscule fragmets to hundreds of kilometers of diameter, like Ceres, with a diameter of

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Lawrence Herbert Tide

Adventure… Exploration… Getting away from our sometimes dull daily life… That’s what I’m writing stories for. Having a double culture, French and English-American, after five years in Australia during my childhood, I have began to write and publish Science Fiction

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