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 June 20th, 2016banner_thinner

Changing Minds: at last the eBook cover

On this first day of Summer, I’m happy to announce that, at last, I’ve found a creative Computer Artist, who has designed the cover of my next Science Fiction eBook, « Changing Minds ».

Here it is:


I must proofread the text again and send it, at the end of the month, to my usual American Editor, who will do the final proofreading.

This eBook, which will be between a short story and a Novella in length, will be made free for all my new and usual readers during the beginning of the next month.

I preview to use her talent for the improvement of the Zombie – Sci Fi eBook  « HUNGRY – Origins of Red ».

More on that later.


May  28th, 2016

Upcoming books: Looking for an Artist


A Saga continued

I’ve been announcing, these last weeks, two upcoming eBooks, one called « Hungry – Origins of Red », and the other « Changing Minds ». Here are the last news about them.


Changing Minds

I hope to finish the last proofreading and improvements of that Science Fiction short story, and as soon as my American Editor will have proofread it too, I hope to publish it, and make it available for regular free downloads, like my other short stories.

The time of this publishing is approaching, and I consider that I must have, at least, a representative image cover, or even a beautiful one, for this story, as it is the case for the other stories I’ve published.

The usual Indian computer artist from which I had bought the image covers of my other ebooks seems to prefer to work for corporate businessed than for me, the individual writer.

So, I’ve decided to recruit another computer artist on the same site where I found the precedent one, http://www.fiverr.com.

This artist seems to work with some colleagues, since he used the term « we », and I asked him to draw a new cover for this book, describing it in detail:

« On the eBook cover, must be seen a woman engulfed in a comet, and flying in space toward the surface of the planet Earth »

It seems clear, no?

This is what they proposed, found on the fiverr site:

Bad Image_Changing Minds_reduite

It seems quite limited, and at least, uh? To say it doesn’t reflect the image I asked for, is quite an understatement…

There was apparently a misunderstanding between him (them?) and me, since they only prepare eBook covers with images furnished by their clients.

After all, I was surprised when they said that they would prepare the cover for only $5, which will not be given to them until, after I’ve sent to them the image drawn by a real artist, they will have integrated it in the eBook cover.

Now, I’m looking for a good artist, like the first one, who will be sufficiently motivated and passionate to draw the image of the eBook cover.


Hungry – Origins of Red



While I’m continuing to write this Horror – Sci FI short story, which will need a few weeks more to be finished, I hoped to have the eBook cover corrected, since it has some defects (mainly the hair of the little girl which hasn’t been well colored in red, some red being visible on some of the hair of the zombie behind her) , if one looks closely.

The Indian artist did a work of bad quality, compared to the precedent eBook cover images.

He never corrected the defects, giving unclear answers to my questions.

The same group of eBook cover designers I described, in the precedent part, after being unclear about the détails they asked for, finally told me they needed the PSD file of the eBook image cover to correct, if I want them to correct it. Since they don’t seem to have real computer artists, I prefer to find a real one on fiverr.


When one isn’t able to draw the images of his own eBook covers, one dépends on others, and that choice can be difficult, and needs some time to find the good computer artist.

As soon as the eBook image cover will be finished and received, I will put it here for my readers of this Blog to see it.



May 14th, 2016

Changing Minds

Advancements of the eBook

After having presented to the readers of this Blog and the subscribers of the Newsletter  « Vivid Stories Editions » the first draft (not yet proofread) of the first Chapter of  the Short Science Fiction Story « Changing Minds », last week,  I give more news about it here.
I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished writing the first draft of it. After a few verifications, modifications and a bit of polishing, I intend this week to send the text to my usual American Editor for proofreading.


About its future Cover

In parallel, I will ask someone on the site fiverr to design the cover of this new eBook.Until recently, I hoped to have all my eBook covers be made by the same  computer graphics designer, but he is much less responsive than during the precedent year.  Well, if it means he has much more other clients, I’m happy for him… one thing is for sure, I need to find someone who accepts me to pay him/her  to do the same job.
I will give more information about this upcoming eBook next week, hoping to present at least to you its cover.


Hungry – Origins of Red


Cover corrections delayed

I also have presented last week, the eBook cover of my first Horror-Sci Fi eBook, « Hungry  – Origins of Red », that I thought would be a short story being the Prequel of my first series, « Hungry ».
I hoped the usual computer graphics designer I’ve told about in the precedent part,  would correct this week some imperfections I’ve noticed in the eBook’s cover he sent me, after I had ordered it weeks before. He hasn’t sent the corrected cover yet, giving me sporadic information, saying he was working on it.
It’s a shame, but I’ll probably have to ask someone else to correct the imperfections, perhaps the person who will work on the cover of the precedent eBook I’ve described today.


Story development:  Surprise!

Concerning the story itself, it seemed to me to be, at first, a short story being the Prequel of a Series. A Series whose first Novella eBook I’ve rather well Advanced, but the story is expanding and developing organically! It’s promising to be a Novella itself, so something clearly longer than a short story…
So, the date of publication of « Hungry – Origins of Red » will probably be delayed, but meaning it will be a much richer reading moment for the people who will discover it.
This means, also, that instead of being the  Prequel of  the Series,  it will be its first book, and the Novella well Advanced  I described will be the second book.
More about this Series and its developments in a near future.















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